• This is a collection of Midsota apparel. 
  • Ordering window will close at midnight, 
  • At checkout please select payroll deduction for Novae employees.
  • Payroll deduction will be charged at the time of delivery/pickup
  • LOCAL DELIVERY shipping option is preferred.  There is no charge for this method and your order will come direct to Midsota to be distributed.
  • Use 1400 E. Washington, Clarinda, IA 51632 as the address for this method.
  • Use Midsota for the company name.
  • List your building, HH1, HH2, HH3, HH4, HH5, in the Apartment/suite box to assist with pickup.
  • Click the link for a size chart.  https://www.sanmar.com/medias/sys_master/root/h92/hfa/10639545401374/2020-JanNew-Size-Chart-REV.pdf?attachment=true